Installation of Gigler Services

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Installation of Gigler Services

Postby Gigler Technical » Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:15 pm

Hi All,

You may be wondering what the installation steps are to get Gigler services. I hope this simple guide explains all:

1. Customer needs to complete the sign up on the gigler website (
    a. At Sign up you will enter your information and also confirm you are homeowner or long term tenant (6 months or over)
    b. Ensure you select your "Provisional Install Date". This will be confirmed or rescheduled once a survey has been completed.
    c. Payment for the installation will be ringfenced, but not taken until install has been completed.
    d. Payment for the first month will also be taken.
    e. You should get an email confirming your order and you will also get your "PIN Number" which will be required at installation.
2. Engineers will attend your property (externally only) and check what is required to get service, usually within 48 hours. They will check:
    a. Do you have the correct duct in the street.
    b. Is the chamber providing service to your street
    c. Is there a "Toby Box" installed on the footpath next to your boundary wall
    d. Do you have any existing duct in the garden, and if so, does it contain fibre back to the chamber in the street
    e. If the fibre is connected, is the signal from the "POP" strong enough to provide you with service.
3. If all is in place, your requested installation date will be confirmed to you via email.

4. You will receive an email 48 hours before installation to confirm the date and timeslot (AM / PM) with you.

5. If external works are required, you will receive a reschedule email to allow more time for these additional works to take place.

    a. They will dig a small slot in the garden at a depth of 35cm to insert a small tube called "Duct" up to the property.
    b. They will mount a small "Demarcation Box" on the property wall and the duct will connect into this box.
    c. Fibre will be blown form the chamber to your property and it will be terminated inside the "Demarcation box".
    d. Garden will be rectified to how it was found before the engineer attented. (You may not notice we have been!!)
6. Engineers will call the number associated with the order before they attend your property. This is to confirm you are in.
    a. Upon attending site, they will explain the process to you and ask where you want the internal equipment.
    b. They will need access to the inside of your home (This is why we schedule the appointment with you) to drill from inside to outside
    c. They will run a cable from inside your home to the demarcation box outside, and then terminate the fibres.
    d. They will install an ONT and also a Gigler Router. Both items are requried to give you Fibre Optic Broadband.
    e. Once the installation has completed, they will ask for the PIN to get access to the Gigler network.
    f. The engineer will then run a speedtest on their equipment and then connect your PC to the Gigler Network.
7. That's it. You are now enjoying your service and your payments have been taken.
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