Start a thread for your town or city and sign up as many peole as you can. The more interest in an area you can get, the better the chances of us providing Gigler Gigabit services!!

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Postby Tw33ks » Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:14 am

Having seen some of the speed tests which are absolutely incredible I would love to have access to Gigler. I am on Virgin Media currently getting 40Mb/s off a 60Mb/s line which isn't too bad, better than most but certainly not in the same ballpark as your offerings. My only concern is how feasible this would be as there are areas in Birmingham that can't even get BT Infinity 2 as the fibre optic lines are just non-existent.

That actually leads me to a question or three. How do you implement this kind of service? Is this currently Bournemouth wide? Or just certain regions of it? I am just curious as it's one thing wanting something but knowing just how feasible it really is and how realistic it is to happen is another. Either way no matter what happens going forward whether it arrives on my doorstep in the near or distant future, I wish you all the best with this venture and I hope it takes off in a big way.

PS. I live in the Kings Norton area of Birmingham if you want to start there, it's a relatively small area. ;)
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